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Schermata 2018-12-14 alle 16.02.24
14 December 2018

(IT) Luminus. Tante novità per iniziare un 2019 straordinario.

21 November 2018

(IT) Dimmer Flicker-free. 2KHz.

24 October 2018


6 September 2018


4 July 2018


15 March 2018

Current converter with Water Stop System

. Current Converter with Water Stop System The Current Converter with Water Stop System is an innovative product, and every part is rigorously tested in our laboratory to guarantee top performance. It is highly customisable and available with or without integrated electronics and prevents rising damp reaching your electrical devices. Find out more in the video. . . Stop rising damp. Dampness is the worst threat to electrical devices. We have developed an innovative and effective system against rising damp. Although...

13 March 2018

Partecipazione al progetto: Sviluppo delle Aziende del settore Smart Lighting nel mercato tedesco

NECTO GROUP partecipa al progetto denominato “Sviluppo delle aziende del settore smart lighting nel mercato tedesco” nell’ambito del POR FESR 2014-2020 Azione 3.4.1. Il progetto prevede un percorso volto a rafforzare il posizionamento nei mercati internazionali, con particolare riferimento al mercato tedesco, di 6 aziende aderenti alla Rete Innovativa Regionale Venetian Smart Lighting: Elesi Luce Srl, Engi Srl, Metal-Lux Snc, Nectogroup Srl, Selene Illuminazione Snc e Siru Srl. L’iniziativa prevede un contributo...

anteprima-3030 tunable
12 March 2018

New 3030 tunable white LED strip

The new Led Luminus LED strips we propose are based on tunable white technology, which allows the tone of the white LED light to be dynamically regulated to reproduce natural daylight which is ideal for each environment or space, with a temperature range of 2700° to 5600°K. This solution is excellent to meet the need to create favourable working atmospheres in offices and hospitals, but also in commercial premises where appropriate lighting can determine the success of sales.     The high quality of these new...

24 February 2018


Continuous innovation and attention to an increasingly demanding market have led us to expand our lighting product range with a new dimmer that allows to manage and dim mains voltage products in DALI networks. Thanks to the new DALI TRIAC IoT Light Dimmer, it is actually possible to manage a wide range of lighting products including E27, E14 and GU10 bulbs, mains voltage LED modules, Triac drivers, halogen bulbs and many other mains voltage products. With a zero load from 0.1W to 200W, a range that covers the whole world, the...

24 January 2018

Light + Building Fair 2018

From 18 to 23 March 2018 we are in Frankfurt at the LIGHT + BUILDING fair. It is one of the most important event of Lighting Sector. You are all invited to visit us at our STAND. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU.

16 January 2018

New releasable terminal blocks

Made from V0 certified plastic materials No twisting Just push in! Quick & Safe, Reduce installation cost Transparent shell makes wire inserted and insulation stripped properly Hardened stainless steel insert prevent from pull-out yet requires a very low insertion force Test slot makes connection easily to be tested     For further information on new terminal blocks or to place an order please fill in the form! [contact-form-7 id="8898" title="request info news"] ...

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15 December 2017

Raw materials prices increasing

RAW MATERIALS PRICES INCREASING Dear, Our company, together with our partners, have been working hard over the years to deliver high-quality products at the lowest possible prices. Although we continuously make every effort to give you state-of-the-art products at low prices, we regret to inform you that in case of further substantial increases in raw material costs there is no alternative but to increase from 30-January-2108 the product prices.   The MAIN Products/Brands involved are,...

5 December 2017

New Degson terminal blocks with fuse holder

The new DG801 series has a screw or blade terminal block with an additional 5×20 fuse holder. This type of terminal block is ideal for sensitive devices requiring power surge protection. The fuse holder inside the terminal block guarantees greater protection of the appliance thus avoiding drilling for the installation of an external fuse holder. The new DG801 terminal block series are available in one up to five ways offering a product according to the needs of the market. For further information on new terminal...

22_Anteprima Dimmer sensore ottico
8 November 2017

New optical dimmer for LED lighting

How does the new optical dimmer work? A natural evolution of our already well-known touch dimmer, this small optical dimmer lets you control LED devices and strip lighting with a simple movement of your hand. To turn the lights on and off, all you have to do is simply pass your hand in front of the reflector sensor mounted on the dimmer, without actually touching it. Likewise, once the light is on, to adjust its intensity just keep your hand in position for a few seconds, until the desired level of brightness has been reached. When...

22_Anteprima Dimmer L440
5 September 2017

New PWM 2-channel dimmer

PWM 2-channle dimmer The new Necto 2-channel PWM dimmer, as well as allowing separate control of the two channels for the colour white, allows to adjust the dynamic white for an elegant light tone by managing the switch from one fade lighting temperature to another without interruption, guaranteeing maximum continuity App IoT Light via Bluetooth® Easily dimmable via Bluetooth® through the new “IoT Light” App by Necto, the PWM dimmer can be controlled also with two separate PUSH N/O buttons (one for each channel) or through...

19 April 2017

Necto becomes the official distributor of Degson

PLUG-IN TERMINAL BLOCKS We supply female removable plug-in terminal blocks for printed circuit-board male connectors. Available for all kinds of wire with sizes from 0.08mm2 to 16mm2 and pitches from 2.5mm to 10.16mm. PCB SCREW TERMINAL BLOCKS Screw-type printed circuit-board terminal blocks with wire protection or rising clamp. These terminal blocks have traditional screw clamping, are extremely easy to connect and offer an excellent point of contact. Available for all kinds of wire with sizes...

20_Anteprima__Lampadina G9
27 March 2017

New triac dimmable G9 Led Lamps

From now on our G9 Led Lamps are also available in the dimmable version!   [contact-form-7 id="8898" title="request info news"] Would you like to receive more information about these LED Lamps?  Fill in the dedicated form now, or click on the following link:  

19_Anteprima_Strip Led 3
13 March 2017

The range of our LED Strip with reduced width grows up

Available models Adhesive and flexible, this LED strip with IP20 may contain: 30 Led/m, length 5m, 150 LEDs, 3,6W/m power 36 Led/m, length 5m, 180 LEDs, 8,6W/m power 60 Led/m, length 5m, 300 LEDs, 7,2W/m or 14,4W/m power 120 Led/m, lenght 5m, 600 LEDs, 14,4W/m power 120 Led/m, length 3m, 360 LEDs, 24W/m power. Quality The use of high quality LEDs allows these LED Strips to guarantee an excellent colour rendering index CRI, greater than 90. Use Suitable for indoor use, these new Strips can be used...

27 February 2017

(IT) Nuova gamma di COB standard “tunable white” e “warm dimming”

Sorry, this entry is only available in IT.

12 February 2017

(IT) Nuovo Mid Power XNOVA CubeTM di Luminus

Sorry, this entry is only available in IT.

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