Corporate Strategy

  • Offering “Power-To-Light” complete lighting solutions to ensure best light quality and user experience.
  • Offering the best in class solutions (lighting controls and LED drivers), enabling luminaire manufacturers with high-performance differentiated light fixtures.

Company Operations

  • Founded in 2018, Cuvée Systems, Inc. is located in the San Jose, CA – capital of Silicon Valley and center of innovation and technology.
  • Investors – Paladin Capital Group and private equity partners.
  • The principals are lighting industry veterans with decades of experience leading tier one lighting companies.
  • Our Product and R&D teams can access and develop with the latest technology and innovations; manufactured in Xiamen, the lighting industry hub in China; combining Silicon Valley and Xiamen brings forth the best innovation, quality and cost.
  • Cuvée partners in global sales presence with Luminus Devices, other leading companies and distributors.

Why Cuvée?

  • Offering small form factor without sacrificing best in class performance.
  • Luminaire manufacturers can streamline their industrial design & placement flexibility.
  • Best “quality of light” comes from an acute understanding of LEDs and human perception that provides visual comfort and well being.
  • Flicker free
  • Deep and smooth dimming without flicker
  • Cuvée’s GloStart™️ ensures lights come on at the same time and start at extremely low dim levels
  • Cuvée offers a full line of lighting controls and drivers that when mated to leading LED suppliers such as Luminus provides an optimized “Power-To-Light solution that improves system performance and provides lighting environments that could never be achieved before.
  • Cuvée products are backed by extensive testing and quality assurance programs to deliver a trouble free 5 year warranty period.
  • Our partnership with Luminus allows us to offer combined light solutions (light control / LED Driver / LED).

Cuvée products are backed by extensive testing and quality assurance programs to deliver a trouble free 5 year warranty period.

Discover the range of ultra-compact Cuvée System drivers

Cuvèe Product Families

Compact Phase-Cut Drivers

Compact, Deep Dimming, Flicker-Free Drivers


• Compact, Phase-Cut drivers
• Wide range of power options
• Deep, smooth dimming , 1-100%
• Excellent percent flicker, < 5%
• Convenient pre-installed wires

KAW series
63 x 32 x 17 mm

6W / 180mA / 30-38V
6W / 350mA / 12-18V

KAW series
82.3 x 32 x 24.5 mm

10W / 280mA / 30-38V
12W / 350mA / 30-38V
18W / 500mA / 30-38V
24W / 700mA / 30-38V

KCB series
62.4 x 56.5 x 24 mm

10W / 280mA / 30-38V
12W / 350mA / 30-38V
22W / 600mA / 30-38V
24W / 700mA / 30-38V

Compact Waterproof Drivers Phase-Cut

IP68, Compact, Deep Dimming Drivers


• New family of compact, IP68 rated drivers
• Permanent submersion in water (up to 13 feet)
• 5 power options
• Excellent dimming ,1-100%
• Good percent flicker
• Convenient pre-installed wires

DR8 series
80x 33 x 25 mm

15W / 350mA / 30-42V
23W / 540mA / 30-42V
30W / 700mA / 30-42V

DR8 series
86 x 33 x 25 mm

30W / 500mA / 50-60V
42W / 1000mA / 30-42V

EZI-Set™ Compact Drivers
Compact, Current Configurable Drivers

– Coming Soon –


• 4 Form Factors in Ultra Compact Size
• LLC converters design for best in-class efficiency
• 27W (350-700mA), 40W (700mA-1050mA)
• Poke in connectors
• Excellent percent flicker <5%
• 5-year Combined Warranty


• Nordic Aluminum (Global Trac Pro/Global Trac Pulse)
• Stucchi (OneTrack, 3 Circuit Track)


27W | 99 x 50 x 32 mm
40W | 119 x 50 x 32 mm



(27/40W)Ø54.2 x 22.5 mm



27W | 74 x 33 x 18.7 mm
40W | 95 x 33 x 18.7 mm


(27/40W)65.3 x 43.8 x 23 mm

CCT Tunable Drivers & Dimmers Family

High Performance and Programmable Platform

– Coming Soon –


• Compatible to full Luminus CTM range
• Compact metal housing with:
– Bottom wire feed for direct connection to junction box
– Side feed includes optional strain relief when needed
• Mini-USB port for programming and BLE dongle*
• Max Power Mode to optimize lumen output (DALI)


• Universal Input Voltage (100 – 277V)
• Familiar rotary dial user interface for:
– Brightness control
– CCT control
• Various operating modes:
– Dim-To-Warm Mode
– Constant / Max Power mode (DALI)
– Scene (up to 3 preset) (DALI)
• Various trim modes:
– Custom min and max levels for brightness and CCT
– Fade-in/out timing
• US / EU Dimmer Designs

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