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The best solution in to adapt our solutions.


For more than 30 years, we at the Necto Group have been working in the distribution of lighting, electronics and electromechanical materials, with an approach that is unique and closely linked to product customisation. We believe there is an enormous gap between selling a product and proposing a solution. And it is here where we take great pleasure in injecting all our experience and creativity. Working together with our clients, we find the solution that best suits their needs, customising our products to provide a service that is a unique and appropriate.

To this end, the collaboration between our technical department and suppliers is crucial. Our suppliers are carefully selected from among the most important companies in the sectors in which we operate. It is an invaluable partnership that enables us to create customised solutions for companies that operate in both the electronics and electromechanics sector and the lighting industry.


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The right choice among a wide range of products.

. Thanks to the scale and variety of what we offer, we can respond to the needs of our clients with a complete, comprehensive range of products, whether it’s for the electromechanical sector, or electronics and lighting. But it takes more than a range of products to provide concrete solutions for clients, however vast it may be. This is why we regard our consultancy service to be a strategic one, identifying the best option from a whole host of proposals, according to the specific needs our clients put forward. Such a comprehensive service means our clients need only ever turn to a single point of contact. They can rest assured of finding solutions that will accommodate the needs of their entire production operations, whether related to electromechanics, electronics or lighting.

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