The new EU 2019/2020 Ecodesign regulation will come into force for all lighting products on 1st September 2021.
Necto Group is already ready!

A step forward in innovation

When it comes to LED strip lights, Necto Group has always led the way in certifications, and when it comes to the new ErP directive, we can already guarantee products that conform to the new requirements. Most products in our current range are already compliant and will require no technical changes – apart from to their packaging and energy labelling – to make them conform to the new requirements of the EU market, including the product QR codes that take the user to the relevant information. All products sold on the European market will need to be registered on a dedicated European Community portal.

The new EcoDesign LED strip light catalogue

Necto Group has updated its offering, and this catalogue contains all our products that are currently on the market and which will also be compliant with the ErP Directive from September.

In addition to the products already available, new products have been added, and the range will be further extended by the end of the year, with increasingly efficient solutions

But what does the new EcoDesign regulation consist of?

This regulation came into being due to the European legislator’s requirement to simplify and unify European Union rules on lighting products. In addition to the introduction of new standards, in a single text, the so-called “Single Lighting Regulation”, it integrates all elements of Ecodesign legislation previously established by European Regulation (EC) 244/2009, (EC) 245/2009, (EU) 1194/2012 and successive and respective amendments.

The purpose of the ErP directive stems from the EU’s mission to guarantee safe, sustainable and competitive energy, also through the greater efficiency of lighting devices, with the aim of reducing annual energy consumption by 20%. Moreover, it guarantees the uniformity of products available in the European Community market, while also being easier to apply and verify by competent national authorities.

How can Necto Group help you?

Necto Group is at your service for all your design and customisation needs. We have all the relevant information on our products at our fingertips. We are available to provide you with any information or clarifications you need as a result of the new requirements coming into force, to help you through this transitional phase as smoothly as possible.


EcoDesign Directive 2009/125/EC for the lighting sector
Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/2020

Purpose (scope of the regulation)

specifications for the eco-compatible design of the following types of products:

a) light sources

b) separate control gears

placed on the market as part of a containing product.

Subject and field of application

  • The regulation introduces a framework relating to energy-related products (“products”) placed on the market or installed for use.
  • It introduces a new labelling system for these products with consistent information relating to their energy efficiency, their energy consumption and other resource consumption during use, as well as supplementary product information, to enable customers to choose more energy efficient products and reduce their energy consumption.


Suppliers of light sources must ensure that:

a) every light source placed on the market packaged as an independent product (not as a containing product) is supplied with a label printed directly onto the packaging.

b) information is supplied on the light sources contained in such products.

c) light sources placed on the market in a containing product are clearly identified in the technical documentation supplied with the product, and the energy efficiency class is indicated.

d) the parameters of the product information sheet are available in the consumer section of the EPREL database.

  • If a light source is placed on the market in a containing product, this must be explicit in the user manual or instruction booklet.

Product database:

The European Commission has created (and maintains) a product database consisting of:

  • a publicly accessible part,
  • a compliance part,
  • an online access portal for the two parts.

Information to be included in the product database and practical criteria for the public part of the database

a) the name or trademark, address, contact information and other legal identification of the supplier;

b) the model identifier;

c) the label in electronic format;

d) the energy efficiency class(es) and other parameters of the label;

e) the parameters of the product information sheet in electronic format.

Energy efficiency label

If the label is printed in a bigger format than the standard 36 x 72mm size, the content should appear proportionately larger.

A small label should not be used on packages more than 36mm wide.


Light sources specifically tested and approved for the following uses:

a) in radiological and nuclear medicine installations;

b) for emergency use;

c) in ground vehicles, marine equipment or aircraft;

d) in or on motor vehicles, their trailers and systems, and towed equipment;

e) in or on non-road mobile machinery;

f) in railway vehicle lighting;

g) in marine equipment;

h) in medical devices;

i) in electronic displays (televisions, monitors, notebooks, tablets…);

j) in light sources in cooker hoods;

k) in light sources in battery-operated products;

l) in light sources on bicycles and other non-motorised vehicles;

m) light sources for spectroscopy and photometric applications;

n) light sources for tanning lamps;

o) light sources for horticulture;

p) LED or OLED light sources that are intended as original works of art, produced directly by the artist in a limited series of fewer than 10 pieces.

  • household washer-dryers
  • household dishwashers
  • household tumble dryers
  • fridges (<1500 litres)

ART. 5 E-commerce platform obligations

When an internet hosting service provider (e-commerce provider) – as per article 14 of the Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council – allows the selling of light sources through its internet site, the service supplier must:

  • enable the electronic label and electronic product information sheet provided by the dealer to be displayed next to the price at points of sale in accordance with the provisions of Annex VIII;
  • inform the reseller of the obligation to display it.

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